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How to Deal With the Surface of the Fence Net?

Jan. 14, 2021

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The surface treatment of the fence net includes galvanizing, spraying, dipping, etc.

The sprayed products are mostly used indoors, and the dipped products are mostly used outdoors. The cost of dipping is higher than spraying. The material has the characteristics of softening when exposed to heat and being able to solidify into a film after cooling, mainly due to the physical melting and plasticizing process.

Most departments in the dipping process use thermoplastic powder, which are mainly used in: highway fence nets, railway fence nets, airport fence nets, garden fence nets, residential fence nets, villa fence nets, civil residential fences, hardware craft frames, Bar cage, sports fitness equipment, etc.

The dipping product is based on steel and weather-resistant polymer resin as the outer layer. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, rust-proof, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof, insulation, aging resistance, good feel, environmental protection, and long life. It is traditional paint, galvanized It is a new generation product of coating film, which has a wide range of uses.

Wire Mesh Fence Panels

Wire Mesh Fence Panels

Installation steps of fence

1. Preparation: Please prepare a work table

2. Install the waterproof trench: arrange the supplier of the lawn guardrail of the crossbar according to the length, and install the PTE waterproof trench on the side of the through hole of the crossbar.

3. Install the fixed vertical pole: Put the same-size fence supplier's horizontal pole on the work table, and the side with the waterproof pad faces uniformly. Pass the fixed vertical rod (with screw holes) into the horizontal rod from the opposite side of the waterproof pad.

4. Fastening screws: Use a large flat-blade screwdriver to turn the courtyard guardrail supplier's tightening screws clockwise to make the fixed vertical rods and horizontal rods form a guardrail frame.

5. Install the ordinary vertical rod: insert the vertical rod with two through holes at the bottom into the horizontal rod in the same direction.

6. Install upper and lower cards: the big card head is the upper card, and the small card head is the lower card. Install the upper card first. Insert the U-shaped opening side of the clip into the vertical rod.

7. Use a special fixture to push the top clip to the card slot position, and it will pop open automatically. Then install the lower card according to the law. When the installation is wrong, a flat-blade screwdriver can also be used to extend into the vertical rod to flush out the clip.

8. Assembling is completed: After pressing and binding, check whether each vertical rod is fixed in place and complete the assembly work.

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