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Do you Know the Surface Decoration of Wrought Iron Fence?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Yard Gate Manufacturer, share with you.

Surface decoration of iron fence:

1. Use manual processing, mechanical processing, spray processing, chemical processing and electrochemical processing to embroider.

Manual processing is mainly to use gauze, scraper, wire brush and other tools, hand-grind the shovel, sweep brush to remove the repair, dust and other dirt.

The mechanical treatment adopts tools such as pneumatic brushes, rust removal guns, air shovel, etc., with the help of mechanical impact and friction to remove rust and remove oxide scale and other dirt.

Garden Iron Fence

Garden Iron Fence

Spray treatment is to use mechanical centrifugation, compressed air, high-pressure water flow, etc. as power to project sand, stone and steel shot onto the surface of the guardrail, impacting the oxide layer, rust and old paint.

Chemical treatment uses a special compound to achieve the effect of rust removal and decontamination through various chemical reactions.

2. For the removal of oil stains on the guardrail, organic solutions, electrochemistry and other methods can be used.

The application of iron fence has a long history. Exquisite ironwork was created in Europe in the 13th century. During the Renaissance, iron art was integrated with simplicity, elegance and liveliness, reaching its heyday. In the 19th century, wrought iron fences became popular as architectural decorative components. Entering China a century ago, it is increasingly being accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm, environmental protection and safety characteristics. In cities and villages, in public buildings and private houses, whether modern or classical, you can see beautiful metal iron fences of various forms everywhere.

Features of iron fence:

1. Sturdy, durable, reliable connection and good structure.

2. Natural beauty: heavy, simple and clear.

3. With strong plasticity, various specifications and styles of wrought iron fences can be built according to customer requirements.

4. Easy to install, not restricted by terrain undulations, suitable for large areas.

5. The price is relatively affordable.

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