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What are the Useful Functions of the Dog Cage?

Mar. 15, 2021

As a Cage Net Factory, share with you. Keeping a dog is a very big project. You need to prepare a variety of dog supplies, such as dog food, dog snacks, dog food utensils, kennels, etc. But dog cages are many people resist using. It’s said that it’s enough to have a kennel, but a dog cage is not necessary. In fact, the role of the dog cage is very big, always use it at the critical moment!

Cage Net

Cage Net

1. Easy to clean

Usually when a dog is kept in the house, will the house be very dirty soon and need to be cleaned frequently, but when you are doing sanitation, the dog likes to mess around, chasing the broom, and it’s still there? Rubbing on the dry floor... At this time, the dog cage can be used. You can put the dog in the cage first, so that you can clean it faster.

2. The role of isolation

Dogs must be isolated sometimes, and give them some space for themselves. For example, when a guest who is afraid of dogs comes to the house, in order to make the dog quieter, and to make the guests more at ease. It is safer to keep the dog in a cage at this time. In addition, when the dog is sick, in order to prevent the spread of germs, the dog also needs to be isolated.

3. Correct bad habits

Dogs are inherently very curious, so they will be naughty and mischievous at ordinary times. Making mistakes is also a very common thing. When a dog makes five mistakes, he can be locked in a cage, which can serve as a warning to the dog. The role of the dog is to let the dog know his mistake, but the time of the cage should not be too long, and you should pay attention to it. Just keep it for a short time, otherwise it will easily affect the dog's psychology. Usually do some obedience training for the dog, if necessary, you can use snacks to reward and induce.

4. Reduce home demolition and other behaviors

The dog’s demolition behavior may be because the dog is usually too boring, to vent his energy and to pass the time. In this case, the owner can really reduce the dog’s demolition behavior by closing the cage properly. , But after all, it is better to take the dog out to play more often than to cure the root cause.

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