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Fence and Gate Company

Peiling fence and gate company provides the best gates and fences in the fence, iron and metal gate industry. 


Whether you plan to use decorative steel gate, iron gate, or aluminum fences or gate projects for your garden or backyard, Peiling Gate and Fence Company provides you with a suitable gate or fence. If we do not have "off-the-shelf" products that meet your needs, our gate design and manufacturing services can build gates of any specification to fit almost any garden and yard opening. Our wide range of stock gates, such as garden gates, European gates, French style gates, Fence system products are made of galvanized wire and pvc power coated. 


Our mainly fence products are: double wire panel fence,3D wirepanel fence, Chain ink fence and so is widlyused in the family home, school, park, garden, industrial stites and administration buildings. It also enables our experienced staff to customize the design of courtyard protection facilities, gates and fences for your family or business. Make its function fully meet your requirements. Our rich experience in the fence industry and specific knowledge of fence products produced by dozens of different manufacturers around the world provide us with unparalleled expertise. 

Peiling provides the best fences, gates and other home security and enclosure solutions. With an army of certified welders, affiliated manufacturing plants and a team of computer-aided designers, your door will be superb! The types and styles of gates are almost endless; only limited by your imagination. Do you only need the chain-lock door as the sole purpose of bringing the lawn mower to the backyard

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